Wise Observatory Optical Transient Search

The Wise Observatory Optical Transients Search (WOOTS) is a program to find Supernovae (SNe) and other optical transients in 163 medium-redshift (z between 0.06 and 0.2) Abell galaxy clusters, using the Wise Observatory 1m telescope in Israel. This program has already discovered more than 15 SNe , 11 of them spectroscopically confirmed with z=0.05 - 0.24. We have also discovered variable stellar objects (some of which are AGN) and dozens of asteroids. With our cluster SN sample, we are calculating SN rates in cluster vs. the field, with implications for cluster star formation and metallicity studies. Following the discovery of a SN in the remote periphery (78 Kpc) of the cD galaxy of Abell 403, we also work on a novel explanation for the centrally enhanced metal abundances indicated by X-ray observations of galaxy clusters. This search is also sensitive to lensed SNe behind clusters, flares in galactic nuclei due to tidal disruption of stars by central massive black holes, and "misdirected" optical counterparts of Gamma-ray bursts.

  • New supernovae from phase 2

  • SNe from phase 1 (1998-1999)

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  • Follow-up: Telescope Schedules

  • New candidates from WOOTS-2

  • HST reveals supernova 1999gv in Abell 2218 - one of the clusters in our sample

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