School of Physics and Astronomy
Tel Aviv University

Spring Semester

25/Feb/2007 Prof. Erich Vogt (TRIUMF, Vancouver, BC, Canada) TRIUMF's new ISAC facility for nuclear astrophysics (Abstract)
11/Mar/2007 Prof. Eli Waxman (Weizmann) High energy particles and magnetic fields: Some open questions in relativistic astrophysics (Abstract)
18/Mar/2007 Prof. Aharon Kapitulnik (Stanford) Search for Gravity-like Forces at sub-mm distance (Abstract)
25/Mar/2007 Dr. Nir Gov (Weizmann, Chemical Physics) Surfing the membranes of cells: how cells make fingers and waves and how they divide (Abstract)
Yoseph Dotan memorial Colloquium
Prof. David Olive (University of Wales Swansea) The Eternal Monopole (Abstract)
Yuval Ne'eman memorial Colloquium
(Lev Auditorium)

Prof. Leonard Susskind (Stanford) Black Holes, White Holes, and Yuval (Abstract)
Judah M Eisenberg memorial Colloquium
(Lev Auditorium)

Larry McLerran (Brookhaven National Lab) The Color Glass Condensate and Glasma (Abstract)
(Lev Auditorium)
Prof. Abraham Katzir (Tel Aviv) Infrared Transmitting Silver Halide Fibers and Their Applications (Abstract)
Special Colloquium - The 2007 Sackler Biophysics Prize, 2-5 pm
Prof. Clare Waterman-Storer (Scripps Inst., La Jolla & NIH)

Prof. Frank Juelicher (MPI - Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden)
Microscopes and Motility: Integrating Cytoskeletal Systems in Cell Migration

Theoretical Approaches to Cellular Force Generation and Dynamics
(Abstracts) ( The 2007 Sackler Biophysics Prize )
Special Colloquium, 5 pm
(Lev Auditorium)

15/May/2007 (Tuesday)
2006/7 Wolf prize winner: Prof. Peter Grunberg (IFF, Germany) Spin Transfer Phenomena in Layered Magnetic Structures: Research and Applications (Abstract)
Special Colloquium, 1 pm
(Holcblat Hall)

17/May/2007 (Thursday)
Prof. Allen Goldman (University of Minnesota) Inducing Superconductivity Using the Electric Field Effect (Abstract)
20/May/2007 Prof. Itzhak Kelson (Tel Aviv) DART - a New Modality for Cancer Treatment (Abstract)
27/May/2007 Prof. Ze'ev Rudnick (Tel Aviv) Prime numbers and the Riemann zeta function (Abstract)
Shulamit Goldhaber memorial Colloquium
Prof. Jacob Bekenstein (Hebrew U.) The Holographic Universe (Abstract)

Fall Semester

22/Oct/2006 Prof. Yakir Aharonov (Tel Aviv) Quantum Miracles (Abstract)
29/Oct/2006 Dr. Rennan Barkana (Tel Aviv) The Next Great Cosmological Probe: 21-cm Emission from the Era of the First Galaxies (Abstract)
5/Nov/2006 Prof. Nir Shaviv (Hebrew University) A Physicist's View of Global Warming (Abstract)
12/Nov/2006 Dr. Oded Regev (Comp. Sci., Tel Aviv) Hamiltonian Problems and Quantum Computation (Abstract)
19/Nov/2006 Dr. Ehud Nakar (Caltech) Short gamma-ray bursts: cosmic explosions - the last frontier (Abstract)
26/Nov/2006 Prof. Yitzhak Pilpel (Weizmann) How genomes utilize redundancy to cope with genetic and non-genetic perturbations (Abstract)
3/Dec/2006 Prof. Adiel Stern (Weizmann) Electronic braiding and the non-Abelian quantum Hall effect (Abstract)
10/Dec/2006 Prof. Aaron Lewis (Hebrew U) New Horizons in Optical and Chemical Nanocharacterization (Abstract)
24/Dec/2006 Prof. Claire Max (UC Santa Cruz) Adaptive Optics: A Sharper Image (Abstract)
John Bahcall Colloquium
Prof. Avi Loeb (Harvard) Key Questions about Supermassive Black Holes in Galaxies (Abstract)
7/Jan/2007 Prof. Mordehai Heiblum (Weizmann) Controlled Dephasing and Phase Recovery via Cross-Correlation Measurements of Electrons (Abstract)
14/Jan/2007 Prof. Uzi Even (Tel Aviv, Chemistry) Supersonic beams and slow beams: a remarkable tool of basic science (Abstract)
21/Jan/2007 Prof. Jonathan L. Rosner (University of Chicago) Successes and Puzzles in Particle Physics (Abstract)