Aspen 2006 page: Rennan Barkana

2006 Aspen Winter Conference on Astrophysics
January 22-28, 2006

Cosmological Probes of Baryons and Dark Matter

This meeting aims to promote a fruitful dialog and interaction among people working in four related areas: Surveys of large-scale structure, the CMB, Gravitational lensing, and Cosmological 21cm fluctuations. We hope to foster a dialog among researchers in these fields in order to explore the deep ways in which these areas can complement each other in the quest to extract cosmological information. We seek a balanced workshop, which will include theory and observation, and current results, as well as exciting future plans and predictions.

My picture The application deadline was November 7, 2005

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Partial funding is available for students and post-docs. We acknowledge funding by NASA, NSF, and DOE.

The final program is available here.
Housing information is available here: Housing page.
The final list of attendees with email addresses is available here.

My picture Organizers:
Rennan Barkana , Tel Aviv University (Chair)
Zoltan Haiman , Columbia University

Scientific Organizing Committee:
Richard Ellis, Caltech
Christopher Kochanek, Ohio State University
Piero Madau, University of California at Santa Cruz
Peng Oh, University of California at Santa Barbara
Rodger Thompson, University of Arizona
Arthur Wolfe, University of California at San Diego
Matias Zaldarriaga, Harvard University
Ue-Li Pen, Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics
Uros Seljak, Princeton University & International Center for Theoretical Physics, Italy

phone: (970)925-2585 fax: (970)920-1167 email:

A PDF conference poster is available here (945 kbyte).

Background: NASA, ESA, S. Beckwith (STScI) and the HUDF Team