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   Theoretical Astrophysics

Recent Projects:
Equilibrium Configurations of Synchronous Binaries: Numerical Solutions
    and Application to Kuiper Belt Binary 2001 QG298.

Metal-ion Absorption in Conductively Evaporating Clouds.
Metal Ion Absorption in Fast Radiative Shocks.(link)
Time-Dependent Ionization in Radiatively Cooling Gas.(link)
Photoionized Gas in Dark-Matter Minihalos in the Galactic Halo and Local Group.

Work in Progress / Future work:
--> Metal Absorption in Partially Cooled Cosmological Shocks.
--> Ion-by-Ion Cooling Efficiencies.
--> Kinematic Profiles of Metal-Lines in Conductively Evaporating Clouds, and the LISM O VI absorbers.
--> Photoionization and Heating of Radiatively Cooling Gas.
--> Photoionized Gas in High-Redshift Minihalos.
--> Multi-Phased Gas in High-Redshift Galaxies.

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Contact Information:
Address: Theoretical Astrophysics, Caltech 350-17, Pasadena, CA 91125
E-Mail: orlyg @ tapir.caltech.edu
Phone: 626-3956838
Fax: 626-7965675

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