I am the George S. Wise Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Tel-Aviv University, where I am the chairman of the Sackler School of Physics and Astronomy, the director of the Wise Observatory, and a member of the Astrophysics Department.

I have published (Princeton University Press, 2007) an astrophysics textbook intended for undergraduate physical sciences students. It has won the 2009 Chambliss Award of the American Astronomical Society. A new expanded and updated 2nd edition is available as of February 2016. You can browse sample chapters, or buy it, or find corrections, updates, and additional material.
My research interests include active galactic nuclei, gravitational lensing, and supernovae. You can see and read more about my research through the websites of my graduate students, some press releases with which I have been associated, my publications in the professional literature, and through some of my lectures, either at the popular or technical level, that are available online.