Popular Articles:

Extrasolar Planets, Extraterrestrial Life, and Why it Matters (2012, Euresis Jornal)


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Popular Lectures:

The prophet's gravitational-wave song and neutron-star mergers. TAU TED-style talk 24/12/2017 (Hebrew)

Gravitational waves: a new window to the Universe. TAU Astroclub 24/2/2016 (Hebrew)

Extraterrestrial life: the next wakeup call from Copernicus? BGU 19/1/2016 (Hebrew)

Big bang, black holes, and gravitational lenses: general relativity turns 100, TAU 24/11/2015, TED-style talk (Hebrew)

Extrasolar planets, extraterrestrial life, and why it matters, TAU 20/4/2015 (Hebrew)

Supernovae: super-accelerators, sources of the elements, and messengers of dark energy, TAU, 6/5/2013 (Hebrew)

Gravitational Lenses: Einstein's natural telescopes, TAU, 24/10/2011 (Hebrew)

Supernovas and the Creation of the Elements, TAU Astroclub 6/4/2011 (Hebrew)

Ground or Space? The future of astronomical observations, Hebrew University, 30/8/2009 (Hebrew)

Gravitational Lenses: Einstein's natural telescopes, Hebrew University 01/12/2005 (Hebrew)

To the edge of the universe with the Hubble Space Telescope, TAU 25/3/2003 (Hebrew)

Professional Talks:

The snowline planet frequency from microlensing, 25/05/2017 (English)

The planet frequency from ogle-moa-wise 2nd generation microlensing, in 20th Microlensing Workshop, Paris 13/1/2016 (English)

Microlensing: Theory and Observations, Jerusalem Winter School on Extrasolar Planets, 30/12/2015 (English)

SN Ia rates and the delay time distribution, in Carnegie SN Ia progenitor workshop, Pasadena, 4/8/2015 (English)

Iron Enrichment vs. Cosmic Time from SN Rates, in The metal enrichment of diffuse gas in the Universe, Sexten, Italy, 29/7/2015 (ppt of talk)

Mini-course: Gravitational Lensing, Basics and Applications 05/2008, Arcetri (English, PDF of power point)

Cluster and Field Supernova Rates vs. Redshift, 08/03/2007, KITP-UCSB (English, video+power-point)

Gravitational Lens Surveys and Statistics, 06/10/2006, KITP-UCSB (English, video+power-point)