Reionization Review (Barkana & Loeb)

In the Beginning: The First Sources of Light and the Reionization of the Universe

by Rennan Barkana (IAS; now Tel Aviv) and Abraham Loeb (Harvard)

Physics Reports, vol. 349, issue 2, pp. 125-238 (2001)

Published version available here.


The formation of the first stars and quasars marks the transformation of the universe from its smooth initial state to its clumpy current state. In popular cosmological models, the first sources of light began to form at a redshift z=30 and reionized most of the hydrogen in the universe by z=7. Current observations are at the threshold of probing the hydrogen reionization epoch. The study of high-redshift sources is likely to attract major attention in observational and theoretical cosmology over the next decade.

Available in postscript (8.4 Mbyte) here or in compressed form (with gzip: 1.9 Mbyte) here. Also available on astro-ph, here. Note that in the astro-ph version, several figures were compressed, resulting in a large reduction in size with just a slight reduction in quality.


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