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John Bahcall Physics Day

Sunday, April 30, 2006
Tel Aviv University

Directions and Parking:

Bayit Yarok map Parking is available at the parking lot shown with a "P" in the map on the right (Note: Do not go to the parking lot across the street from this one). Tell the person at the gate that you are going to the John Bahcall conference at HaBayit HaYarok (the faculty club).

The same map is available in PDF

TAU map 1 The talks will be held in Melamed Hall In this map, it is near Shenkar-Physics, building number 27 (near the center of the map, a little to the right). The faculty club (also called the Marsel-Gordon building, or green house - HaBayit HaYarok) is building number 39, near the bottom of the map. On this map, the parking lot is slightly above building 39, near gate 17 (gates are shown in red).

To walk from the parking lot to Melamed Hall, enter the campus at gate 17, and walk straight (passing buildings 34 & 35 - Wolfson Engineering - on your right, and then building 30 - the Neyman Science Library), enter the long science corridor (building 29), pass chemistry, and reach Melamed Hall, which is on your right just before building 27 (Shenkar-Physics).

The same map (with the two index pages below it) is available in PDF here.

TAU map 2

TAU map 3

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