School of Physics and Astronomy
Tel Aviv University

DATE SPEAKER TITLE (+Abstract under "Full Info")
30/10/2022 Prof. David Andelman (TAU) One hundred years of electrified interfaces: What's new with the theories of Debye and Onsager? (Full Info)
Andelman's talk: Video of speaker , Slides (Keynote) , Slides (PDF)
06/11/2022 Prof. Rennan Barkana (TAU) ; Talk recording 21-cm cosmology at a crossroads (Full Info)
13/11/2022 Prof. Tracy Slatyer (MIT) Testing Dark Matter Interactions Through Cosmic History (Full Info)
20/11/2022 Prof. Mario Livio (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) Galileo and the Science Deniers (Full Info)
27/11/2022 Prof. Sandu Popescu (University of Bristol) Quantum non-locality and beyond (Full Info)
04/12/2022 Prof. Zoltan Haiman (Columbia University) The Formation and Growth of Massive Black Holes (Full Info)
11/12/2022 Prof. Dan Sinars (Sandia National Laboratories) Review of pulsed-power-driven high energy density physics (Full Info)
18/12/2022 Dr. Shany Danieli (Princeton University) New Astrophysical Puzzles from Studies of Low Mass Galaxies beyond the Milky Way (Full Info)
01/01/2023 Prof. Avi Loeb (Harvard University) ; Talk recording The Galileo Project: In Search for Technological Interstellar Objects (Full Info)
08/01/2023 Prof. Jesse Thaler (MIT) ; Link to recording (Talk starts at 11:47) Particle Physics through the Lens of Machine Learning (Full Info)
15/01/2023 Dr. Moshe Ben Shalom (TAU) ; Link to recording (Talk starts at 7:10) SlideTronics: Switching Crystalline Symmetries by Interfacial Superlubricity (Full Info)
Special Colloquium: Wednesday at 14:00 (Porter Auditorium)
Prof. Howard Stone (Princeton University) ; Link to recording (Talk starts at 8:48) THEMES IN COMPLEX FLUIDS: FROM THIN FILMS TO ELECTROKINETICALLY CONTROLLED TRANSPORT (Full Info) [Poster]
22/01/2023 Prof. Saleem Zaroubi (The Open University of Israel; University of Groningen) From Darkness unto Light: The Universe's First Billion Years (Full Info)