Program for Aspen 2010 Winter Conference

The High Redshift Universe: A Multi-Wavelength View
February 7-13, 2010

SUNDAY evening, February 7

18:30 - 20:30 : Welcoming Reception at the Aspen Center for Physics

MONDAY, February 8

8:00 - 9:40

Chair: Barkana Rennan, Tel Aviv

Opening talks

Shapiro Paul, Texas: Austin [Opening theoretical talk], 30+5 (Abstract)

21-cm observations I

Greenhill Lincoln, Harvard/Smithsonian [Murchison Wide-field Array Status Report and Paths Forward to the Square Kilometer Array], 20+5 (Abstract)

Bernardi Gianni, Harvard [Observations of foreground emission for the cosmological 21 cm line], 20+5 (Abstract)

Break, 15

16:30 - 19:50

Chair: Harvey Paul, Texas: Austin

Ellis Richard, Caltech [Opening observational talk], 30+5 (Abstract)

Morales Miguel, U of Washington [Reionization and Cosmology with 21 cm Fluctuations], 20+5 (Abstract)

Low redshift observations (z<6) I

Lacy Mark, NRAO [Dust obscured quasars at high redshifts: the co-formation of massive galaxies and quasars?], 20+5 (Abstract)

Break, 15

Erb Dawn, UCSB [Observing the Youngest Galaxies], 20+5 (Abstract)

Vieira Joaquin, Caltech [A new sample of (sub)mm galaxies discovered with the South Pole Telescope], 20+5 (Abstract)

Stanway Elizabeth R, Bristol [UV-Luminous Starburst Galaxies as Pointers to Large Scale Structure in the Early Universe], 20+5 (Abstract)

(High z:) Windhorst Rogier, Arizona State [How will the James Webb Space Telescope measure First Light, Reionization, and Galaxy Assembly in the post WMAP-7 and WFC3 era?], 20+5 (Abstract)

TUESDAY, February 9

8:00 - 10:45

Chair: Webster Rachel, Melbourne

21-cm theory

Wyithe Stuart, Melbourne [Sources of Uncertainty in Modeling 21cm fluctuations], 20+5 (Abstract)

Barkana Rennan, Tel Aviv [Astrophysical Analysis of 21-cm Experiments], 20+5 (Abstract)

Mesinger Andrei, Princeton [Fast Simulations of the High Redshift 21cm Signal], 20+5 (Abstract)

Break, 15

High redshift observations

Illingworth Garth, UCSC [The Cosmic Star Formation Rate Density from z~8: The Evolving Nature of Galaxies over the First 2 Gyr], 20+5 (Abstract)

Bouwens Rychard, UCSC [Results from the ultra-deep WFC3/IR observations over the HUDF09 + ERS fields: Evolution of the UV LF from z~9 to z~4], 20+5 (Abstract)

Labbe Ivo, Carnegie Observatories [Title: Deep IRAC Observations of sub-L* z~7 and z~8 Galaxies in the WFC3/IR HUDF and the WFC3/IR ERS in the CDF-S: the SFHs of Low-Luminosity Galaxies and their contribution to Reionization.], 20+5 (Abstract)

16:30 - 19:55

Chair: Lazio Joseph, NRL

(21-cm obs.:) Jacobs Danny, U of Pennsylvania [Update on PAPER: Deployments, foreground catalogs, and power spectrum], 15+5 (Abstract)

High redshift observations (continued)

Finkelstein Steven, Texas A&M [The Stellar Populations and Evolution of Star-Forming Galaxies at 6.3 < z < 8.6], 20+5 (Abstract)

Bradac Marusa, UC Davis, [Focusing Cosmic Telescopes: Observing z~7 Universe behind the "Bullet Cluster"], 20+5 (Abstract)

Gonzalez Valentino G, UCSC [The Specific Star Formation Rate in the Early Universe], 15+5 (Abstract)

Break, 15

Trenti Michele, Colorado [The first galaxies: from HST-WFC3 to Cosmological Simulations], 20+5 (Abstract)

Piran Tsvi, Hebrew U [High-z GRBs], 20+5 (Abstract)

Willott Chris, Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics, [Black hole growth at z=6 from the CFHQS and SDSS], 20+5 (Abstract)

(Low z:) Lehnert Matthew, GEPI [The ISM in Distant Galaxies: The Nature of Star-formation and Turbulence], 20+5 (Abstract)

WEDNESDAY, February 10

8:00 - 10:45

Chair: Carilli Chris, NRAO

Galaxy formation I

Kravtsov Andrey, Chicago [Metallicity dependence of the global star formation relations: implications for evolution of high-redshift galaxies], 20+5 (Abstract)

Keres Dusan, Harvard [Cold mode of gas accretion], 20+5 (Abstract)

Goerdt Tobias, Hebrew U [Gravity-Driven Lyman-Alpha Blobs from Cold Streams into Galaxies], 20+5 (Abstract)

Break, 15

Ricotti Massimo, Maryland [The First Galaxies and the Likely Discovery of their Fossils in the Local Group], 20+5 (Abstract)

Naoz Smadar, Northwestern [High Redshift Structure Formation and Gas Content in Simulations], 20+5 (Abstract)

Yoshida Naoki, IPMU [Low-Metallicity Star formation in the Early Universe], 20+5 (Abstract)

17:30 Public lecture: Jack Burns, Colorado: Boulder, [Exploring the Cosmos from the Moon], Wheeler Opera House (Full Info)

THURSDAY, February 11

8:00 - 10:45

Chair: Gnedin Oleg, Michigan

Briggs Frank, Australian National University ["High Redshift" 21cm emission from galaxies], 20+5 (Abstract)

Low redshift observations (z<6) II

Wolfe Arthur M., UCSD [Evolution of Neutral Gas at high redshift], 20+5 (Abstract)

Noeske Kai, Harvard [Prospects for a comprehensive history of galaxy assembly to z>6: Deep multi-wavelength surveys and the Spitzer Extended Deep Survey], 20+5 (Abstract)

Break, 15

Wyse Rosemary, Johns Hopkins [Extremely iron-poor stars in extremely faint galaxies], 20+5 (Abstract)

Kanekar Nissim, NCRA: Pune, India [The evolution of the cold gas content of normal galaxies], 20+5 (Abstract)

Carilli Chris, NRAO [Observations of the gas, dust, and star formation in the first galaxies], 20+5 (Abstract)

16:45 - 19:30

Chair: Mueller Volker, Potsdam

H reionization

Norman Michael L., UCSD [Self-consistent cosmological radiation hydrodynamics: application to IGM evolution through reionization], 20+5 (Abstract)

Hu Wayne, Chicago [Reionization constraints from the CMB], 20+5 (Abstract)

Haehnelt Martin G, Cambridge [Reionization in the photon-starved regime suggested by Lyman-alpha forest data], 20+5 (Abstract)

Pritchard Jonathan, Harvard [Constraining reionization using 21 cm observations in combination with CMB and Lyman-alpha forest data], 20+5 (Abstract)

Break, 15

Dijkstra Mark, Harvard [Lyman Alpha Emitting Galaxies as a Probe of the Epoch of Reionization], 20+5 (Abstract)

He reionization

McQuinn Matthew, UC Berkeley [Simulating and Detecting HeII Reionization], 20+5 (Abstract)

20:00 : Conference Banquet at the Aspen Meadows

FRIDAY, February 12

8:00 - 10:25

Chair: Yepes Gustavo, U Autonoma de Madrid

Galaxy formation II

Zheng Zheng, Yale [Radiative Transfer Modeling of Lyman Alpha Emitters], 20+5 (Abstract)

Scannapieco Evan, Arizona State [Formation of Compact Stellar Clusters by High-Redshift Galaxy Outflows], 20+5 (Abstract)

Break, 15

Evoli Carmelo, Sissa: Trieste, Italy [The Turbulent Intergalactic Medium], 15+5 (Abstract)

Closing talk

Ferrara Andrea: SNS Pisa, Italy [Closing theoretical talk], 30+5 (Abstract)

16:45 - 19:30

Chair: Bowman Judd D., Caltech

Dark matter properties

Spolyar Douglas, UCSC [Dark Matter and The First Stars], 20+5 (Abstract)

Kusenko Alexander, UCLA [Dark matter in the form of sterile neutrinos], 20+5 (Abstract)

21-cm observations II

de Oliveir-Costa Angelica, Harvard CfA [All-sky Foreground Models], 20+5 (Abstract)

Break, 15

Pindor Bart, Melbourne [Subtraction of Bright Point Sources from Synthesis Images of the Epoch of Reionization], 20+5 (Abstract)

Mitchell Daniel, Harvard CfA [Real-Time Calibration and Imaging for the Murchison Wide-field Array], 20+5 (Abstract)

Bowman Judd D., Caltech [Was Reionization Instantaneous? The First Redshifted 21 cm Science Results], 20+5 (Abstract)

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