Local SN studies

Bright, nearby SNe are interesting targets for detailed studies. Some of the aims of such research are:

- Better understanding of the nature of SNe, their progenitors, environments and evolution.
- Calibrating local SNe for use in high-z cosmological studies.

Our group studies local SNe using the Wise Observatory 1m telescope, in collaboration with other research groups around the world.

Our main projects are:

- Hypernova 2002ap in M74

  • Data from the Wise campaign

  • MNRAS paper

  • PNG Spectrum of SN 2002ap in M 74

  • Wise Observatory press release

    - Multi-color monitoring of the peculiar type Ia SN 2000cx in NGC 524

  • 100 day Wise lightcurves of SN 2000cx

  • Combined KAIT-Wise lightcurve of SN 2000cx

  • PASP Journal Paper (Li et al. 2001)

    - Target of opportunity spectroscopy of bright SNe

  • JPG Spectrum of SN 2002ao in UGC 9299

  • PNG Spectrum of SN 2002an in NGC 2575

  • EPS/JPG Spectrum of SN 2001dk in UGC 913

  • PS/GIF spectrum of SN 2001cp in UGC 10738

  • PS/GIF Spectrum of SN 2001bg in NGC 2608

  • Spectrum of SN 2001G in MCG +08-17-43

  • Spectrum of SN 2001X in NGC 5921

  • Spectrum of SN 2000cx in NGC 524

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