Astro-students seminars

Summer activity

Date Speaker Title Remarks
02.07.09 Rivay Mor Suprelenses
09.07.09 Omer Bromberg canceled
16.07.09 Smadar Naoz Neutrinos oscillations
23.07.09 Omer Bromberg Pair-instability Supernova
30.07.09 Benny Trakhtenbrot
06.08.09 David Polishook Astrometry
13.08.09 Avi Shporer Planet formation
20.08.09 Irina Dvorkin Astrophysical tests of general relativity
27.08.09 No seminar (forced vacation)
10.09.09 Ido Finkelman Stellar Population Synthesis
16.09.09 Or Graur globular clusters

2009 semester B

Date Speaker Title Remarks
05.03.09 Evgeny Gorbykov Everything is dust in the wind
12.03.09 No Seminar
19.03.09 David Polishook When the love is over... why do asteroids divorce
26.03.09 Or Graur The search for Spock The presentation, can be found here (in ppt ~1.5MB)
02.04.09 Ido Finkelman Elliptical galaxies
07.04.09 AsCoS II see link
09.04.09 No Seminar PESAH
16.04.09 No Seminar PESAH
23.04.09 Irina Dvorkin The formation history of clusters of galaxies
30.04.09 Smadar Naoz instability in hydrodynamic systems
07.05.09 Benny Trakhtenbrot Reionization and quasars
14.05.09 Rivay Mor CMB anisotropies
21.05.09 No Seminar Student day
29.05.09 No Seminar Shavuot
04.06.09 Assaf Horesh The connection between GaRBaym and Supernovae
11.06.09 Gal Sharid A new mystery close to home - The Main-Belt Comets
18.06.09 Yifat Dzigan

2009 semester A

Date Speaker Title Remarks
13.11.08 Smadar Naoz Two and Three body problem introduction to Kozai effect
20.11.08 Special seminar: Shai Kaspi Reverberation Mapping and Super-Massive Black Holes: the next steps
27.11.08 Elinor Medezinski Galaxy formation - the Perseus example
04.12.08 Avi Shporer Estimating model parameters and their uncertainties using the Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) technique. par.8 in sec.3 in Holman et al. (2006, ApJ, 652, 1715)
11.12.08 David Polishook The YORP Effect - The Power of Sunlight
18.12.08 No Seminar Fireworks meeting
25.12.08 Ido Finkelman The dust extinction law
01.01.09 Special seminar: Eyal Kazin
08.01.09 Aviv Ofir Searching for Transiting circumbinary planets
15.01.09 Assaf Horesh Scaling Laws and Global Properties of Galaxy Clusters
22.01.09 Rivay Mor It's raining in Orion: Astrophysical Masers
29.01.09 no seminar
05.02.09 Omer Bromberg The status and future of ground-based TeV gamma-ray astronomy A summary of a white paper submitted for the american physical society. + some extra stuff

2008 semester B

Date Speaker Title
01.05.08 Smadar Naoz 21cm and exploring the universe or Wavelength-the longer the better
08.05.08 No Seminar
15.05.08 Special seminar: Ohad Shemmer X-ray Variability of Luminous Radio-Quiet AGN at High Redshift
22.05.08 Oded Spector More 21cm - Using Arecibo to map the local universe (the ALFALFA survey)
29.05.08 David Polishook How to rise from ashes - the now written story of Phoenix
05.06.08 Special seminar: Orly Gnat Metal absorption in radiative shocks
12.06.08 Special seminar: Dovi Poznanski The decendents of TAVAS or Future surveys PTF, Pan-STARRS, and LSST
19.06.08 No Seminar
26.06.08 Assaf Horesh Problems with Lambda-CDM cosmology
03.07.08 Special seminar: Doron Chelouche The Physicist Compendium to Finding Detergents and Chameleons in Nature.
10.07.08 Avi Shporer Searching for transiting planets - the tale of two good candidates.
17.07.08 No Seminar
24.07.08 Benny Trakhtenbrot ALMA
31.07.08 Omer Bromberg The future of gamma-ray astronomy - notes from Gamma 2008 symposium
21.08.08 Rivay Mor Nonparametric statistics

2007 semester A

Date Speaker Title
18.10.07 Special seminar: Eran Ofek The nature of the radio transients
25.10.07 Smadar Naoz Some concepts on General Relativity (what ever I could squeeze in 45m)
01.11.07 Benny Trakhtenbrot Neutron stars
05.11.07 Special seminar: Hagai Perets Youngsters and monsters in the Galacti center
08.11.07 Aviv Ofir Interferometers: interfering the astronomers
15.11.07 Ido Finkelman TAUVEX
22.11.07 Gal Sarid "The Nice model" - one way to sort out the Solar System
29.11.07 Yudith Barzilay The solar neutrino problem
06.12.07 Special seminar: Dani Levy What can we learn from weak lensing on the evolution of the Universe
13.12.07 David Polishook Isaac Newton - A scientist you don't want as your adviser.
20.12.07 Avi Shporer
27.12.07 Elinor Medezinski
03.01.08 Special seminar: Shy Genel Merger rates from the Millennium Simulation: comparison with observation
10.01.08 Benny Trakhtenbrot
17.01.08 Rivay Mor
25.01.08 Ofer Yaron
07.02.07 Omer Bromberg

2007 semester B

Date Speaker Title
1.3.07 David Polishook Binary Asteroids
8.3.07 Assaf Horesh Flexion - Second order of weak lensing
15.3.07 Smadar Naoz Elementary particles and the higgs boson
22.3.07 Aviv Ofir The SPITZER space telescope
29.3.07 Passover Vacation
5.4.07 Passover Vacation
12.4.07 No Seminar
19.4.07 Adi zitrin Our (or at least, his) prodigal son
26.4.07 Benny Trakhtenbrot Sitting and watching the ("super-duper") black holes grow
3.5.07 Student Day - No Seminar
10.5.07 Moshe Naoz Biological Physics of the Cytoskeleton
17.5.07 Elinor Medezinski Galaxy Clusters, Bigger is Better!
24.5.07 No Seminar
31.5.07 Ofer Yaron How to model numerically a sphere of gas. Or Introducing a code for stellar evolution
7.6.07 Omer Bromberg Cosmic Rays
14.6.07 No Seminar
21.6.07 Yiftah Lipkin
28.6.07 Dovi Poznanski My humble set of advice, on the things you should have in mind during graduate studies.
Or, the things, I now know, that I should have done...
5.7.07 Avi Shporer The Rossiter-McLaughlin effect, AKA the spectroscopic transit
10.7.07 Ohad Shemmer

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