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Seeing forecast:

Adrien's weather station:
AccuWeather: ttp://
Meteosat - Mediterranean:
Meteosat Europe:
Meteosat dual animation:
Meteo-logic rain radar:

Medium Range Forecasts for Europe:
Walla Weather:
Israel Weather: - Ovda:
Yahoo - Ovda
Rain Radar Static
Rain Radar Dinamic
Mizpe Ramon meteorological graphs
Israel forecast
Weather Underground:

Observation nighly logs:
To fill out a log use:
The C28 log is in:
To fill out the C28 log:
The C18 log is in:
To fill out the C18 log:
A log of maintanance at Mizpe:
Security and safty rules:
Settings and parameters for Wise:
1 meter telescope electricity drawings:
Manuals for Wise Observatory and other info:
Weather Station logs:

Wise observatory 1m Calendar:
Wise observatory C28 Calendar:
Wise observatory C18 Calendar:
Sun and moon rise and set:
SunCalc sun position and sunlight phases calculator:,34.762,9/2015.07.28/16:32
Sun and Moon times and phases:
Headers of images:

Object Visibility:
Almanac - Daily ephemerids and sky map:
Heavens above
Sky & Telescope sky chart