Physics Project

Prof. Sara Beck 

My research concentrates on star formation in our Galaxy and especially in others. This field is very active now because of the powerful infrared, sub-milimeter, and millimeter observatories on the ground and in space. Some topics for projects focussing on observations:  

1) Star Formation Through Cosmic History:

Connecting Galaxies, Halos, and Star Formation Rates Across Cosmic Time

2)Universal Star Formation Laws

A Universal, Local Star Formation Law in Galactic Clouds, nearby Galaxies, High-redshift Disks, and Starbursts

3) Star Formation and Dark Halos

Extragalactic Globular Clusters and Galaxy Formation

4) ALMA looks at Starbursts

The Anatomy of an Extreme Starburst within 1.3 Gyr of the Big Bang Revealed by ALMA  

5) ALMA Looks at a Proto-Solar-System

Constraining the Planetary System of Fomalhaut Using High-resolution ALMA Observations

6) Protecting the Earth from Near Earth Objects  

7) Filaments in Molecular Clouds and Star Formation

Filamentary Structure of Star-forming Complexes  

8) Magnetic Fields and the birth of Protostars

Magnetic Fields and Star Formation