Ion-by-ion Cooling efficiencies

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Electronic Data:
Hydrogen (Table 1A)
Helium (Table 1B)
Lithium (Table 1C)
Beryllium (Table 1D)
Boron (Table 1E)
Carbon (Table 1F)
Nitrogen (Table 1G)
Oxygen (Table 1H)
Fluorine (Table 1I)
Neon (Table 1J)
Sodium (Table 1K)
Magnesium (Table 1L)
Aluminium (Table 1M)
Silicon (Table 1N)
Phosphorus (Table 1O)
Sulfur (Table 1P)
Chlorine (Table 1Q)
Argon (Table 1R)
Potassium (Table 1S)
Calcium (Table 1T)
Scandium (Table 1U)
Titanium (Table 1V)
Vanadium (Table 1W)
Chromium (Table 1X)
Manganese (Table 1Y)
Iron (Table 1Z)
Cobalt (Table 1AA)
Nickel (Table 1AB)
Copper (Table 1AC)
Zinc (Table 1AD)