Figure 2: Distribution downstream of Te, ne, Tgr (top panel), and of the fractional abundance of Fe ions (bottom panel) in AGN clouds for Vs=100 km s-1and Vs=300 km s-1.. For both models, str=0, n0=300 cm-3, B0=10-4 gauss, and agr=0.2 μm. Fractional abundances Fe+ (thin short-dashed),  Fe2+(thin long-dashed), Fe3+ (thin dot-short-dashed),  Fe4+(thin solid),Fe5+(thick dotted), Fe6+ (thick long-short-dashed),Fe7+(thick long-dashed), Fe8+(thick dot-dashed)Fe9+(thick dot-long- dashed), Fe10+(thick solid ), Fe11+(thick short-dashed).