• Mail Tools
  • Forwarding Mail
  • Sending mail to a large list of users
  • send_msg script:

    It gets following input parameters:

    1. The filename containing the message
    2. subject string
    3. filename of addresses

    For example:

    send_msg message-filename "Test" file-addresses

    The filename of addresses may contain several addresses in the same line, seperated either by a comma or blank. You can build long lines, using \
    The user who gets the mail will see the addresses from the same line, but not from the other ones.

    "send_msg" script will enter a delay of 1 second before sending it to each address, to avoid overloading of our system and network.

  • .mailcap definitions

  • Mail backups
  • Your /home/wise/username/.procmailrc should contain following line: INCLUDERC=/etc/procmailrc.mailbck
    Then the user's daily incoming mail will be backuped in: