by Friedel Loinger

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Mail backups

Your /home/wise/username/.procmailrc should contain following line:


Daily mail backup:

Full mail backup is done every week and saved in:

Directory Backups

Our local computers are backuped on local hard disks, connected either to the local computer or to another server.

The names of the backup disks are: /bckdisk_'SERVER', and the backup of hostname 'CLIENT' is stored in:

/bckdisk_'SERVER'/'CLIENT', which is accessable to 'CLIENT' with the automounter.


'lyra' is backuped on the disk connected to wise-bck. In order to look at the backups, just type in lyra:

cd /bckdisk_wise-bck/lyra

Full backups are done once a month, and 2 full backups are kept in :

Incremental backups are done every day (saving files which have changed since the last incremental backup).

and kept in


  1. The time of last incremental and last full is available in the directory /etc/backups of each client.
  2. Backuped partitions and/or directories are listed in 'CLIENT':/etc/backup.'CLIENT'
  3. Each partition or directory which appears in /etc/backup.'CLIENT' contains a file 'exclude.lis', which contains strings of either filenames or directories to be excluded fromt the backup. Default: tmp,Cache,*CACHE*,core.*