Fortran Programs

N-Body with accretion disks

N-Body Simulation with accretion disks. This code can simulate small N-Body system with optional accretion disk srounding each one of the bodies. The code is well documented. The disks model in this code is not a physical model but can be changed.
The code and the documentation are available from the Wise observatory FTP site:

Useful Subroutines

precess_from_j2000.f - Precession of coordinates from J2000.0 to a given equinox.
precess_to_j2000.f - Precession of coordinates from a given equinox to J2000.0.
spherical_dist.f - Find angular distance between to points on the celestial sphere.
date2jd.f - Convert date to Julian day.

The code is available from the Wise observatory FTP site:

The programs are for non-profit educational and scientific use only!

 Constructed: November 1997, Eran Ofek