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Generate Gregorian Calendar for every desired year.
Includes: moon phase, Julian days, Local Sidereal Time, Sun rise and set, Moon rise and set and moon Right Ascension and Declination. If available the Observer name and Instrument at the Wise Observatory on that date are also given.
In order to generate less crowded calendar the user can use the exclude option.


One day box example

Printing tips

In the default mode a monthly calendar is generated with day number and moon phase in the first line. Julian day and Local Mean Sidereal Time (at midnight) in the second line. Sun Rise and Set in the third line. Moon Rise and Set in fourth line. Moon Equatorial Position (R.A. and Dec.) in sixth line and if available Observer Name and Instrument in the seventh and eighth lines. In case the rise or set are not happening in that day, a **:** is appearing instead of the phenomena time.
About the algorithm
The calendar is best viewed using NETSCAPE.
Download a list of Moon phases, 1950-2060               
Month Year

Calendar Format:

East Longitude
with decimal point
North Latitude
with decimal point
East Time Zone
(in range -12 to 12)
Exclude JD and ST
Sun Rise/Set
Moon Rise/Set
Moon Position

(Optional) Choose from list

Read more (in Hebrew) about Sun/Moon Rise/Set sidereal time, and Julian day in the Hebrew Astropedia of the TAU AstroClub.

Proposals for observation should be submitted to admin@wise.tau.ac.il. The Wise Observatory is operated by the Sackler Institute of Astronomy at the Tel-Aviv University.

Constructed: July 1998, by: Eran Ofek , E-Mail: eran@wise.tau.ac.il
Last update: August 19th, 1998