Dovi Poznanski


I am a faculty member at the Tel-Aviv University School of Physics and Astronomy, in the astronomy group.

My research interests are broad, ranging from supernovae to the interstellar medium, via cosmology, galaxy evolution, the properties of the super-massive black holes at the center of (active) galaxies, electromagnetic counterparts to gravitational wave detections, and more.

The over arching theme connecting these various interests, is the nascent field of “big data astronomy”. What can we do with large amounts of data, and/or highly dimensional data, that we could not (or did not think to) do before.

I graduated from the Tel-Aviv University in 2007, under the supervision of Prof. D. Maoz. As a postdoc I was at UC Berkeley and at the Lawrence Berkeley Labs, with the teams of P. Nugent, J. Bloom and A. Filippenko between 2007 and 2011.


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Phone: +972-3-640-7992

From the US: +1-510-292-4330

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School of Physics and Astronomy

Tel Aviv University

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