Some Interesting Papers about Spin evolution of Asteroids



The YORP Effect - models:


        Rubincam, D., 2000. Radiative Spin-up and Spin-down of Small Asteroids. Icarus 148, 2-11.


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        Vokrouhlický, D. et al., 2007. Generalized YORP evolution: Onset of tumbling and new asymptotic states. Icarus 191, 636-650.


The YORP Effect - detections:


        Lowry S.C. et al., 2007. Direct Detection of the Asteroidal YORP Effect. Science 316, 272-274.


        Taylor P.A. et al., 2007. Spin Rate of Asteroid (54509) 2000 PH5 Increasing due to the YORP Effect. Science 316, 274-277.


        Kaasalainen M. et al., 2007. Acceleration of the Rotation of Asteroid 1862 Apollo by Radiation Torques. Nature 446, 420-422.


        Durech M. et al., 2008. Detection of the YORP Effect in Asteroid (1620) Geographos. A&A 489, L25-L28.



Tidal Encounters of Planetary Encounters:


        Richardson, D.C. et al., 1998. Tidal Distortion and Disruption of Earth-Crossing Asteroids. Icarus 134, 47-76.



Tumbling Asteroids:


        Pravec, P. et al., 2005. Tumbling Asteroids. Icarus 173, 108-131.





        Paolicchi, P. et al., 2002. Side Effects of Collisions: Spin Rate Changes, Tumbling Rotation States and Binary Asteroids. In Asteroids III 134, 517-526.