Scientific Writing
2nd semester, 2004/2005
Teacher: Dr. Rennan Barkana

General Information:

#, Due Date Assignment
#1: 02/Mar/2005 Request a copy of your writing exam (from the exam secretariat: MAZKIRUT BCHINOT), look over my markings, and come discuss your exam with me.
#2: 09/Mar/2005 First read the following guidelines. Then write a one-paragraph abstract for each of the following: Essay 1; Essay 2.
#3: 16/Mar/2005 First, write a one-paragraph abstract of your thesis. Then read the following guidelines and write an introduction section (which may consist of several paragraphs) for your thesis. Note that although your thesis is meant for scientists in your and related fields, the abstract and introduction should be fairly non-technical and should have broad appeal.
#4: 23/Mar/2005 The following is a generally useful link: Style guide. Out of the 18 sections, please read numbers 2, 3, 9, and 10. Then write a 1 or 2 page book review, about any book you choose. Make sure to include a brief summary of the plot or at least the general background of the story, meant for those who have not yet read the book (so don't give away any surprising plot twists). Also include your own opinion on the strengths and weaknesses of the book, and whether you recommend it to others. As always, think about the overall structure of your essay before you begin.
#5: 30/Mar/2005 Look at an example of a movie review here. Then write your own review of a movie you've seen. Try to follow the same overall structure: Notice that the review begins and ends with the reviewer's own opinion (which is strongly positive in this example), and a plot summary (without too many details) is integrated within the middle section of the review.
#6: 06/Apr/2005 This week's task is similar to the writing exam (but choose a different topic): Write a 1-2 page essay on some particularly interesting technical theory or discovery (from science, math, or engineering) that you have read about. Make sure to write an essay intended for an intelligent non-scientist.
#7: 13/Apr/2005 There is no new task this week. For those who have not completed the previous assignments, this is your chance to catch up.
#8: 04/May/2005 (After PESACH) In the Style guide, please read numbers 1, 4, 5, and 11. Then write a 1-2 page essay (meant for a general reader who is considering various careers) explaining how and why you have chosen to work in the field of your thesis. For example, you may include information on how you chose the field of your first university degree, and on what you plan to do when you finish your education.
#9: 18/May/2005 (A week after memorial day) Write your own resume (meant for an appropriate future employer). You may consult some of the guidelines for resumes found here.
#10: 8/Jun/2005 (A week after the end of classes) One more time, write a non-technical scientific essay (same instructions as in assignment #6, but on a new topic). Please check your essay carefully and fix errors. This is your chance to show me what you have learned during this course.