Using the C compiler Dev-C++
Lecturer: Dr. Rennan Barkana

Useful information for using the free C compiler (called Dev-C++).

This is actually a C++ compiler, but it can also be used for C. To use it for C, make sure that program files have an extention .c (not .cc). Also, when a program is run, the output screen disappears immediately. In order to make the screen wait for another "Enter" before disappearing, add one line. For example, here is a simple sample program, with this line added:

#include < stdio.h >
   int first, second;

   printf("Hello world, Hello Shana Aleph.\n");
   printf("Please enter an integer\n");
   scanf("%i", &first);
   printf("Please enter another integer\n");
   scanf("%i", &second);
   printf("The sum equals: %i\n", first+second);

   /* Added line: */