Wise Observatory Astronomical Utilities

Calendar Generator

Generates Monthly calendar for every desired place and time. Includes: Moon phase, Julian day, sidereal time, Sun Rise/Set, Moon Rise/Set and Moon equatorial position.

Moon and Sun Rise and Set

Calculates the Moon and Sun rise and set times given the date and the place.


Sun position and sunlight phases calculator. Calculates sun position and sunrise/sunset/twilight times given location and date.

Signal to Noise Calculator

Given the instrument zeropoint, extinction coefficient, gain, read out noise, bias level, sky brightness, etc. estimate the exposure time needed to image a point like source with a given magnitude and a given S/N.

Monthly skymaps for Israel

Generate monthly maps of the sky visible from Israel. Includes stars to magnitude 4.5, with their spectral type coded in color (without planets).

Almanac - Daily ephemerids

Daily ephemerids for Israel. Moon and Sun location, rise and set, location of the planets, skymaps for different hours.

Daily moonphases

Daily Moonrise, Moonset and Moonphase for Israel. Accurate times of moon phases.

Object Visibility

Plot object visibility and distance to the moon. Need to enter the Wise Observatory East Longitude, Latitude, and Altitude, which are 34.76, 30.6, and 875.


AstroViewer is an interactive night sky map that helps you to find your way in the night sky quickly and easily. Due to its intuitive user interface, it is well suited for astronomy beginners. Click the button "Start AstroViewer" at the upper left.

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