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May/2015 Water Could Have Been Abundant in the First Billion Years
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Apr/2015 Millions of shining suns
(published in Haaretz (Hebrew)
Jun/2014 The Jay Baum Rich Telescope: a new observing facility at the Wise Observatory
Feb/2014 Cosmic heating by the first black holes
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Dec/2013 Enigmatic "fast radio bursts" may come from nearby stars
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Jul/2013 International team discovers a much larger hydrogen ring
around the most perfect ring galaxy
Using Black Holes to Measure the Universe's Rate of Expansion
Feb/2013 TAU/Harvard astronomers:
Future Evidence for Extraterrestrial Life Might Come from Dying Stars
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June/2012 TAU researchers lead discovery of method to detect the first stars
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Announcement of Laureates 2012
Awarded for study of extra-solar planets
Feb/2012 The merger rate of binary white dwarf stars is measured for the first time
Nov/2011 Sackler TAU - Harvard/ITC Astronomy Program
Oct/2011 TAU astronomers discover supernovae 10 billion light-years away, and measure their explosion frequency in the young universe
Oct/2011 Gravitational Waves That Are 'Sounds of the Universe'
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Aug/2011 Tel Aviv astronomers reveal the nature of a rare ring galaxy:
NewScientist | Sciencenews | Thebeautifulstars
Jun/2011 TAU astrophysicists help discover 10 new 'exo-planets':
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Dec/2010 Tel Aviv University astronomers identified the epoch of first fast growth of the most massive black holes in the universe.
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Tel Aviv astronomers decode separated asteroids
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Mar/2010 Discovery of a new planet CoRoT-9b
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Feb/2010 Kepler Spacecraft May Be Able to Spot Elusive Oort Cloud Objects
Scientific American
Oct/2009 "The Largest Gravitationally Lensed Images",
discovered by Adi Zitrin and Tom Broadhurst
Science Magazine Editor's Choice Column
Oct/2009 Interview with Dr. Smadar Naoz in ynet (Hebrew)
16/Sep/2009 CoRoT-7b: First solid evidence for a rocky exoplanet
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14/Jun/2009 Oded Spector's PhD research was highlighted in a
Science magazine report at a conference on Isolated Galaxies - Granada,Spain.
17/May/2009 Dan David Prize Symposium - Schedule
The Cosmic Microwave Background:
Cosmology's Rosetta Stone
13/Aug/2008 Press Release: Israeli astronomers find a dark matter filament close to the Milky Way ( English / Hebrew )
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15/Feb/2008 Wise Observatory astronomers help discover a scaled-down distant solar system (English/ Hebrew)
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  • 19/Oct/2006 Press Release: The Star, the Dwarf and the Planet
    First Diectly Imaged Brown Dwarf Companion to an Exoplanet Host Star
    23/May/2006 Press Release: TAU researchers using Hubble capture a unique gravitational lens
    20-22/Feb/2006 Active Galactic Nuclei": From Atoms to Black Holes
    A workshop on the occasion of Hagai Netzer's 60th birthday
    01/Sep/2004 Press Release: First limits on terrestrial-mass extrasolar planets from microlensing
    - Science article , Ha'aretz article